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Package Updating

To fix a mistake in the path/shortcuts or to update a package you will need to 'Open for package upgrade' in the Sequencer.

N.B. This differs from the initial sequencing because, assuming you have opened it in a clean VM, there is no longer a local installation to look at as well as the bubble'd one. i.e. it isn't running in hybrid mode.

Open the .sprj > when it asks where to put it, choose root of V: ramdrive , DONT re-create the XXXXXXXX.XXX folder as it does this itself.

Once opened, to do anything, you have to run

Tools > Sequencing Wizard

It will ask to begin monitoring etc, assuming you want to update the package, then do that, but more likely you want to fix something in it.

To do this just keep hitting next until you get to the bit you want, all rather un-intuitive if all you want to do is fix a shortcut!

Updating server with new package

Packages > 'add version'

Point to new project file XXXXXXXX.XXX\XXXXXXXXXXX_Y.sft (where Y will be an incremented number)

Relative path (cut n paste tail of above) XXXXXXXX.XXX\XXXXXXXXXXX_Y.sft


if its wrong can just delete it again - if its ok, bakup existing osd files and then replace them (the new ones get pulled then on next client update) but i dont think u can roll back when u have done this easily

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