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Silent Installer Oneliners

General unnattend installer strings Adobe's bits and bobs

Inno installer


OpenBugs silent install, source

Uses Inno installer, see here for general switch options

start /wait OpenBUGS321setup.exe /verysilent /norestart /log="%TEMP%\openbugs.txt"

Remotely in one go (log file will go where the .exe is ran from)

copy /y OpenBUGS321setup.exe \\\c$\ & psexec \\ cmd /c c:\OpenBUGS321setup.exe /verysilent /norestart /log="openbugs.txt"

Inno Setup command line options



Brava Viewer FREE DWG

#Extract installshield
FreeDWGViewer.exe /extract_all:c:\temp\Brava
#create silent/auto answer file by installing on a VM
setup /r /f1"c:\temp\Brava\setup.iss"
#install like this
c:\temp\Brava\setup.exe /s c:\temp\Brava\setup.iss
mkdir \\\c$\temp\Brava
cp c:\temp\Brava\* \\\c$\temp\Brava
psexec \\ cmd /c c:\temp\Brava\setup.exe /s c:\temp\Brava\setup.iss


After creating the answer file to use it you need to unusually add /f1 to run silent else you get errorcode -5 (file not found)

"c:\temp\setup.exe" /s /f1"c:\temp\setup.iss"

Turning point 2008 /S /V"/QN ALLUSERS=1"

Adobe Trueview

Silent Install


setup.exe /w /q


setup.exe /w /q /i someotherini.ini

Second Life

Silent install

Second_Life_3-3-3-260300_Setup /S

MindManager v11

(You can also use ISX_SERIALNUM instead of LICENSEKEY)

Mindjet_11.0.276_EN.exe /S /v"/qn LICENSEKEY=MP11-MM1-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /l*v c:\log.txt"

Sentinel-1 Toolbox / ESA S-1 Toolbox

Sielnt install

S1TBX_1.0.3_win64_installer.exe -q -overwrite

CES EduPack 2015 Aerospace (dotnetinstaller)

Extract the downloaded single large .exe (zip self extractor) somewhere

If you have a 15 character code (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) instead of license.dat then;

You should be able to then simply run this, but it doesn't work as /CompleteCommandArgs is broken.

setup.exe /CompleteCommandArgs "PIDKEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /q"

So you can either install the prerequisite crap (.net etc) first yourself then this for just the program

msiexec /i package\EduPack.msi PIDKEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /q

or more easily, open the EduPack.msi with Instead and add into the 'Property' table a key of PIDKEY and a value or xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, then save it. Then when you run setup it will have the key built in, i.e. just run setup.exe /q and it will install any needed prerequisites too! Sorted.


This comes packed with various things that all install silently (when done yourself!), the problem is the actual PolSARpro_v5.0 inside which uses Setup2Go and doesn't seem to have a silent method. (Get around this by copying the installed Program Files folder it makes to target and making some shortcuts)

Probably easier to just paste my install sequence....(extract the downloaded bundle and you should end up with a PSP_SW folder.)

start /wait "" "%~dp0PSP_SW\ActiveTcl8." --directory c:\Tcl
start /wait "" "%~dp0PSP_SW\ASF_MapReady_3.1.22_Install.exe" /S
start /wait "" "%~dp0PSP_SW\NEST-4C-1.1-Install_Win64.exe" --mode unattended
start /wait "" "%~dp0PSP_SW\gimp-2.8.10_Install.exe" /verysilent
start /wait "" "%~dp0PSP_SW\ImageMagick-6.8.8-7-Q16-Install_Win64.exe" /verysilent
xcopy /e /y "%~dp0PolSARpro_v5.0" "C:\Program Files (x86)\PolSARpro_v5.0\"
"%~dp0Shortcut.exe" /F:"%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\PolSARpro v5.0.lnk" /A:C /T:"C:\Program Files (x86)\PolSARpro_v5.0\PolSARpro_v5.0.tcl" /W:"C:\Program Files (x86)\PolSARpro_v5.0" /I:"C:\Program Files (x86)\PolSARpro_v5.0\tmp\PolSARpro.ico"
"%~dp0Shortcut.exe" /F:"%PUBLIC%\Desktop\PolSARpro v5.0.lnk" /A:C /T:"C:\Program Files (x86)\PolSARpro_v5.0\PolSARpro_v5.0.tcl" /W:"C:\Program Files (x86)\PolSARpro_v5.0" /I:"C:\Program Files (x86)\PolSARpro_v5.0\tmp\PolSARpro.ico"

...When faced with crap like this it makes me glad I don't use Windows. The joys of a a proper package management system :)


This uses Flexera InstallAnywhere and should install silently by suffixing "-i silent" , or by running/recording with install.exe -r c:\install.prop, then running with answer file created, install.exe -f c:\install.prop -i silent. See here

However in the builder you can turn it off, which is f***ing annoying. The only way I got round it was downloading the trial of InstallAnywhere and rebuilding it, as it fortunately has enough bits included to let it rebuild.

Download the program , and extract somewhere , say "c:\extracted"

extract "c:\extracted\InstallerData\Disk1\InstData\" to say "c:\Resource1\", so you have a structure like "c:\Resource1\workspace"

extract "InstallScript.iap_xml" from "c:\extracted\InstallerData\" to "c:\Resource1\InstallScript.iap_xml"

Install it and then copy ;

Program Files (x86)\JWEEDv4.1r3\images\* to C:\Resource1\workspace\test\JWEED-4.1\images

Program Files (x86)\JWEEDv4.1r3\map\* to C:\Resource1\workspace\test\JWEED-4.1\map

Program Files (x86)\JWEEDv4.1r3\icons\* to C:\Resource1\workspace\test\JWEED-4.1\icons

Edit a few things in c:\Resource1\InstallScript.iap_xml to enable silent and fixup paths and fixup all users shortcuts.

$ diff -u InstallScript.iap-orig-_xml InstallScript.iap-modded-__xml 
--- InstallScript.iap-orig-_xml	2015-11-04 16:58:56.000000000 +0000
+++ InstallScript.iap-modded-__xml	2016-01-25 16:02:16.717560800 +0000
@@ -921,7 +921,7 @@
 			<property name="supportsSilentUI">
-				<boolean>false</boolean>
+				<boolean>true</boolean>
 			<property name="panelImagePath">
@@ -1402,7 +1402,7 @@
 						<object refID="3f2f893d83dc"/>
 					<property name="win32MagicFolder">
-						<object class="com.zerog.ia.installer.util.magicfolders.ProgramsMenuMF" factoryID="2" objectID="3f2f893f83dc"/>
+						<object class="com.zerog.ia.installer.util.magicfolders.CommonProgramsMenuMF" factoryID="23" objectID="76ddc8b58811"/>
 					<property name="solarisMagicFolderPath">
@@ -4292,7 +4292,7 @@
 											<property name="sourcePath">
-												<string><![CDATA[/workspace/test/JWEED-4.1/images]]></string>
+												<string><![CDATA[$IA_PROJECT_DIR$/workspace/test/JWEED-4.1/images]]></string>
 											<property name="shouldUninstall">
@@ -4333,7 +4333,7 @@
 											<property name="sourcePath">
-												<string><![CDATA[/workspace/test/JWEED-4.1/icons]]></string>
+												<string><![CDATA[$IA_PROJECT_DIR$/workspace/test/JWEED-4.1/icons]]></string>
 											<property name="shouldUninstall">
@@ -4374,7 +4374,7 @@
 											<property name="sourcePath">
-												<string><![CDATA[/workspace/test/JWEED-4.1/map]]></string>
+												<string><![CDATA[$IA_PROJECT_DIR$/workspace/test/JWEED-4.1/map]]></string>
 											<property name="shouldUninstall">

Open "c:\Resource1\InstallScript.iap_xml" in InstallAnywhere - should now be correct.

Probably also need to do

Top menu, 'Build' > 'Build Tagerts' deselect everything except Windows. (go into each one and 'Delete')

In windows one , probably untick 'with VM'

Build Selected, should take about 15 seconds and say it built with errors.

Should now have "C:\Resource1\InstallScript_Build_Output\Default_Configuration\Web_Installers\InstData\Windows\NoVM\install.exe"

JWeed should then now install silently with "install.exe -i silent"

ESA Snap 2

Uses install4j installer

Install as normal and an answer file should be generated in <install folder>\.install4j\response.varfile

# install4j response file for ESA SNAP 2.0
sys.installationDir=C\:\\Program Files\\snap
sys.programGroupName=ESA SNAP

This can then be run for a silent install

"%~dp0esa-snap_windows-x64_2_0.exe" -q -varfile "%~dp0response.varfile" -overwrite

Innosetup LiCor LI7500A

This contained two [Run] programs that didn't have silent install options set so despite the main package working silently, these halted it.

What actually needs adding is just Parameters: "/verysilent"; to both [Run] sections of their compiled in .iss as they are missing.

Extract the original with inno extractor

Download and install JRSoftware Inno Setup

Modify the extracted install_script.iss as per below

(inno extractor recreates it rather than actually extracts original so some things need fixing, which is mostly commenting out and a few additions, possibly as newer version of inno setup)

--- install_script.iss	2016-01-21 15:46:49.889000000 +0000
+++ install_script_fixed.iss	2016-01-26 10:22:58.456598600 +0000
@@ -15,11 +15,11 @@
-Source: "{app}\li7200.exe"; DestDir: "{app}"; Components: main; AfterInstall: "CopyCalHistory('{%APPDATA}\LI-COR\LI-7200\old_cals\', '{%HOMEPATH}\.licor\7200\old_cals\')"; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; Flags: ignoreversion 
+Source: "{app}\li7200.exe"; DestDir: "{app}"; Components: main; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; Flags: ignoreversion 
 Source: "{app}\7200tree.dtd"; DestDir: "{app}"; Components: main; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; Flags: ignoreversion 
 Source: "{app}\7500tree.dtd"; DestDir: "{app}"; Components: main; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; Flags: ignoreversion 
 Source: "{app}\7200_help_v7\csh.js"; DestDir: "{app}\7200_help_v7"; Components: main; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; Flags: ignoreversion 
@@ -1241,8 +1241,8 @@
 Name: "{app}\defaults"; 
-Filename: "{app}\mdnsResponderSetup.exe"; StatusMsg: "Installing mdnsResponder..."; Components: main; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; 
-Filename: "{app}\fv7x00-1.0.4-install.exe"; StatusMsg: "Installing File Viewer..."; Components: viewer; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; 
+Filename: "{app}\mdnsResponderSetup.exe"; Parameters: "/verysilent"; StatusMsg: "Installing mdnsResponder..."; Components: main; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; 
+Filename: "{app}\fv7x00-1.0.4-install.exe"; Parameters: "/verysilent";  StatusMsg: "Installing File Viewer..."; Components: viewer; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; 
 Name: "{group}\LI-7200 LI-7500A 7.5.0"; Filename: "{app}\li7200.exe"; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; 
@@ -1259,28 +1259,28 @@
 Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{app}"; 
-Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{code:SettingsDir}\.licor\7200-7.5.0"; 
+Type: filesandordirs; Name: "{app}\.licor\7200-7.5.0"; 
-Name: "full"; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; 
-Name: "compact"; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; 
-Name: "custom"; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; 
+Name: "full"; Description: "full"; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; 
+Name: "compact"; Description: "compact"; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; 
+Name: "custom"; Description: "custom"; MinVersion: 0.0,5.0; 
-english.NameAndVersion=%1 version %2
-english.AdditionalIcons=Additional icons:
-english.CreateDesktopIcon=Create a &desktop icon
-english.CreateQuickLaunchIcon=Create a &Quick Launch icon
-english.ProgramOnTheWeb=%1 on the Web
-english.UninstallProgram=Uninstall %1
-english.LaunchProgram=Launch %1
-english.AssocFileExtension=&Associate %1 with the %2 file extension
-english.AssocingFileExtension=Associating %1 with the %2 file extension...
-english.AutoStartProgram=Automatically start %1
-english.AddonHostProgramNotFound=%1 could not be located in the folder you selected.%n%nDo you want to continue anyway?
+;english.NameAndVersion=%1 version %2
+;english.AdditionalIcons=Additional icons:
+;english.CreateDesktopIcon=Create a &desktop icon
+;english.CreateQuickLaunchIcon=Create a &Quick Launch icon
+;english.ProgramOnTheWeb=%1 on the Web
+;english.UninstallProgram=Uninstall %1
+;english.LaunchProgram=Launch %1
+;english.AssocFileExtension=&Associate %1 with the %2 file extension
+;english.AssocingFileExtension=Associating %1 with the %2 file extension...
+;english.AutoStartProgram=Automatically start %1
+;english.AddonHostProgramNotFound=%1 could not be located in the folder you selected.%n%nDo you want to continue anyway?
 ; These files are stubs
 ; To achieve better results after recompilation, use the real language files
-Name: "english"; MessagesFile: "embedded\english.isl"; 
+;Name: "english"; MessagesFile: "embedded\english.isl";

You can then install the output from inno setup compile with /verysilent and it will install the two [Run] bits with those options.


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