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This is a dumping ground for random oneliners

create ISO from CD/DVD drive

sudo readom dev=/dev/sr0 f=/tmp/mycd.iso

UDF mounting

sudo mount -t udf -o loop,utf8,noatime /home/user/something.iso /tmp/c/

union filesystems

Caution: dont share the unioned output via NFS as it will export the underlying (empty) folder the union is being mounted on.



This will export 3 folders separated by colons to appear as 1

sudo mount -t unionfs -o dirs=/live/image/tv:/media/52f6ba34-028a-4e86-8341-1d04e8092af2/tv:/media/aa8686bb-baaa-4458-90fd-07b669d8bede/tv none /live/image/unionfs/tv



aufs /media/tv aufs ro,br:/media/2b209b3c-0b2a-459c-8cfb-03be28b8fa00/tv=ro:/media/52f6ba34-028a-4e86-8341-1d04e8092af2/tv=ro:/media/4d2a843a-3fb7-404a-a8e5-0a9649bdd282/tv=ro 0 0

aufs /media/movies aufs ro,br:/media/2b209b3c-0b2a-459c-8cfb-03be28b8fa00/movies=ro:/media/52f6ba34-028a-4e86-8341-1d04e8092af2/movies=ro:/media/4d2a843a-3fb7-404a-a8e5-0a9649bdd282/movies=ro 0 0

DAVFS (webdav)

sudo mount.davfs https://xxxxx.xx.xx.xx/x/xxxx /media/xxxx

backup partition table

back it up

dd if=/dev/sdd of=ptable ibs=1 skip=446 count=46

write it back

dd if=ptable of=/dev/sdd obs=1 seek=446 count=46


Adding exFAT to Ubuntu

This will allow PnP operation in Nautilus (in Ubuntu 11.10 at time of writing)

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:relan/exfat
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fuse-exfat

However there is no mkfs.exfat


mount -t nfs4 -o proto=tcp xxxxxx.xxx.xx.xx:/ /tmp/mynfs


xxxxxx.xxx.xx.xx:/ /tmp/mynfs nfs defaults 0 0