AppV Recipes Win7 x64

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Now using App-V

Brava Free DWG Viewer 7

Needs C++ 2005/2008/2010 which it installs. Assuming these are already on the client, easiest way to remove these are delete them after running setup.exe, from the temp folder, before clicking 'next to begin install.

Launching in the sequencer hangs when it exits, as it doesn't terminate, just 'stop' it.

Launching in real life - it will instantly 'shut down'

Turns out the registry isnt virtualised right, need to fix virtual registry paths under all these keys. Most of them are the (Default) values.


The keys with the incorrect paths will look like this, with the wrong virtualised prefix.

%CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA%\Microsoft\Application Virtualization Sequencer\Package Root\BravaV7.D01\

The paths needs fixing to start (assuming root folder is BravaV7.D01);