Extract .wph BIOS file from HP Softpaq

Extract .wph BIOS file from HP Softpaq

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I have added this sub section because several people have asked me how I got to the .wph BIOS in the first place, which I did not make clear.

FIRSTLY READ the readme file with phoenix bios editor, it explains about some of the error messages you may see.
If the BIOS errors and still opens I *think* it is probably ok so long as you dont change anything one of the parts the errors mentioned.
I did get errors opening fine and was ok

Download and run the softpaq file ''WinFlash Utility for HP Notebook System BIOS - Windows-Based'', Version F.22 [ F.22 current 2005-08-15 1.66M ]

his can be found with the rest of the HP ZE2000 drivers etc. here.

BIOS Release Date:2005-08-15 Version:F.22


This package contains the WinFlash utility and a System BIOS image for some notebook models with these listed operating systems. The WinFlash utility is used to locally flash the System BIOS (ROM) on notebooks operating in a MicrosoftWindows environment.


Enables low-voltage differential signals (LVDS) Spread Spectrum to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) issue.

Run the Softpaq file (SP31067.exe) [Run, Next, Accept]

You can find the files in one of these two places.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp
(replace Administrator with your username )

You should see the .wph BIOS file, winphlash.exe and other files loose.

OR here:

C:\Program Files\SP31067\3080F22.exe
(dir will be whatever your softpaq code is) and then you can open the .exe in winRAR thats created here (3080F22.exe) in my case, and remove the files from it like a regular self extracting zip file)


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